Network Solutions

Residential and Small Office Solutions

From recommending the right hardware or software for the job, to installing and configuring all your computer equipment to work together, McAllen Solutions will work hard to give you the best solution to fit your needs at the biggest bang for your buck. Although we are an authorized reseller for many different brands, we are customer-oriented, not vendor-oriented, so we will only sell you the products that are right for you.

What can we do for you?

  • We can connect your computers to a home network so you can browse the Internet or share data with other family members' computers. We can also connect them to your printers or multi-function devices.
  • We can help you get connected to the Internet or diagnose current Internet issues.
  • Learn how to use your computer (or use it more effectively)
  • Is it time to replace that old computer? We can help you find a new one.
  • Got a virus? We can remove the infection or otherwise clean up your PC.
  • Want to be able to move around your house with a laptop computer and still be connected to the Internet? We can set up a wireless network for you to allow you to work from any room without worrying about cables.

Mid-sized business and Enterprise-level business Solutions

We partner with the biggest names in the business such as HP, Dell, and Cisco (just to name a few) to bring you…

What can we do for you?

  • Security – We can recommend complete security solutions including firewalls, VPN’s (virtual private networks), antivirus & anti-malware programs, SSL certificates, encrypted e-mail, written policies & server-enforced policies, Internet activity monitoring, and user training. We can also perform several different levels of security audits of existing networks.
  • Offsite storage & Backups – We can backup your data to our server. This frees you from having to take tapes offsite every night, and ensures that your data will be safe in case of accidental deletion or natural disasters.
  • IT consulting – We help you make informed decisions about your IT needs, and work to maximize your investment in new purchases or older equipment.
  • Multiple support options – Onsite, remote support by phone or remote-control software, or full-service in-house Lab
  • Voice Over IP - (reduces your communication costs by using the Internet)
  • Wireless - We can help your company go wireless using the best products to suite your needs.
  • VPN – (securely connect to your business network from home or on the road)
  • Security - We can perform Security Audits on your Network to better protect your data. We can also set up Video Surveillance to protect your equipment and property.
  • Documentation – we will create a set of documents that allows you to:
    • visualize your network quickly
    • determine communication bottlenecks
    • quickly determine obsolete hardware or software and manage their lifecycles
    • track software licenses
    • track and manage hardware assets
    • have proper documentation for insurance purposes